Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Me and Science Fiction Round-up (Eleanor Arnason)

If you didn't already know, our member, Eleanor Arnason is a regular contributor to Strange Horizons.  She writes a column entitled: "Me and Science Fiction."

Here is a sampling of a few you may have missed (and their opening paragraphs).

Books and the Death of the Middle Class
I’m not planning to write about shopping malls, but I like the quote from Howard Davidowitz; and I am planning to write about the ways that books and art are affected by the fact that the middle class no longer has “the fucking money.”

Problematic Chocolate
I haven't been reading enough books lately, so I joined a local fantasy book discussion group. A recent meeting was on The Treasure of Green Knowe, one of a much-loved series of English children's fantasies. I read the book and didn't much like it. I am probably too old for much-loved children's fantasies, though I like Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching (YA) series.

Dystopia, Dark Urban Fantasy, Zombies and Monsters from the Deep 
Charles Stross has written the following on his blog:
I’m just not that interested in writing science fiction this decade. Nope: instead, I’m veering more and more in the direction of urban fantasy.

There are dozens more you should be checking out!

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