Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Bitter Empire Round-up (Naomi Kritzer)

In case you were unaware, Wyrdsmith Naomi Kritzer is a regular columnist for Bitter Empire.  Here are a few of her recent contributions you may have missed (with teaser paragraphs):

Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Super Bowl Commericals

I like good commercials. A really good commercial is like video flash fiction, with a story or a joke or something better than just “our product: let us show you it.” Each year’s Super Bowl is like a global mini film festival that happens between first downs. I have a friend who think this means I suffer from Consumer Stockholm Syndrome, but I don’t care. I love the good ones, and I love to complain about the bad ones.

Those Decluttering Tips are all Filthy Lies
How about an article about decluttering? I asked my editor. It’s the New Year! Lots of people resolve to declutter! I could look up decluttering tips and then try them out and see how they go! 
Sure, she says. Sounds great. Do that one first.

 Peg Bracken Versus the FLYlady:

When my older daughter was a baby, we needed a plumber for a broken faucet. The guy who came was running a probably-unauthorized side business hawking household products, and he pitched his product to me when he was done fixing the faucet: sink polish. “It’ll make your sink look new,” he told me enthusiastically.

Avocados Are Probably Maybe Sort of A Miracle Food. Maybe. Sort of.

A recent study found that feeding people a moderate-fat diet that included a daily avocado lowered cholesterol more than either a low-fat diet or a moderate-fat diet without the avocado.

Getting Lucky

You are likely familiar with PrEP: pre-exposure prophylaxis, an anti-retroviral drug that you can take a daily dose of if you’re at higher risk for getting HIV, like a birth control pill but to prevent HIV infection instead of pregnancies.

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