Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fame, At Last?

I found out from a friend that my pseudonym was mentioned in io9 today: "The Weirdest Creatures Vampires Have Gone To War With."

On a side note, I remember when the X-Men were attacked by Dracula/vampires, actually. It was particularly memorable to me because it blew one of my preconceived notions about vampires. There's a scene where Kitty Pride's Star of David burns Dracula, and it's explained that in the Marvelverse, it isn't the cross that hurts vampires, but belief of any kind.


Paul Weimer said...

Yeah, I remember that bit about Kitty. Thought it was awesome.

Adrian said...

I think this is a common theme in vampire stories. It's just easier to grab a couple of candlesticks and make an impromptu crucifix than find five of them to assemble into a star of David. :)

Chrystoph said...

The original movie, "Fright Night" had this as a recurring theme (haven't bothered with the remake, so, no idea).

Additionally, the Dresden Files series also has this concept.

Finally, it was used in White Wolf Publishing's gaming universe, the World of Darkness under the auspices of a Merit called True Faith. Without it, the vampire would laugh and other less sociable things when you presented a cross.

Frank said...

Um, you'd need six for a star of David. Nine could make a menorah.

Anybody remember the scene in Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum where the vampires realized holy symbols were everywhere?